Hay and Feeding

Saves Money

Feed up to 30% less hay. Pick up your pencil and do the math on that.

Saves Time

Fewer trips to the pasture. Less wear and tear on your pick-up.

Heavy & Durable

ALL BIGGER & THICKER PIPE! Built with all new prime pipe.

Built to Conserve

Built to Conserve: To avoid wasteful use. To use frugally. To protect from unnecessary loss. Built To help you have higher profits!

The Hay Monster

Your Bull Has Met His Match

 Biggest, Baddest, Strongest Hay Feeder ever made commercially.

Constructed of 2-7/8 and 2-3/8" pipe, these feeders are the best you can buy and we don't care what anybody says. As a matter of fact, we not only guarantee these feeders to save alot of hay - we guarantee you an animal will not tear them up!

Hay Monster Double

Less Trips to the Pasture

Now even less trips to the pasture in the winter to feed hay to your cattle. We now have the DOUBLE/TRIPLE BALE HAY CONSERVING FEEDERS that hold up to three round hay bales or big square hay bales. We also have special calf hay feeders for calves and hay saving feeders for horses!

Saves Money
Saves Time
Safe & Durable
Skid Corners
Horse Hay Bale Feeder

Now you horse folks can get the same durability and hay saving features as our Hay Conserver and Hay Monster feeders without worry of your horses rubbing their manes.