Custom Built Go-Bob Sheds

Whether you need a basic loafing shed, a safe horse shelter, a dry place to help your cows calve or a place to store your tack, these tough, HEAVY DUTY all steel buildings should last you a lifetime. There is nothing to assemble as they come pre-assembled and ready to use. More importantly, they are entirely PORTABLE!


Go Bob Loafing Sheds, Shelters, and Barns for Cattle

This is a classic loafing shed, a base livestock shelter without any options.

This is a classic loafing shed, a base livestock shelter without any options. 

12ft x 24ft shelter with optional drop down front, calf gates & tin guard.

End view of shelter gives you an idea how deep they are. 


This is the front view of a deluxe calving facility complete with a head gate. There are five gates in this building including two calf gates. While they are difficult to see in these pictures, they are a really inexpensive but beneficial option. The gate is "split" where you can open the lower half to let the calves in and out while keeping the cows out! 

GoBob Loafing Sheds, Shelters
and Barns for Horses

Whether you need a loafing shed, stalls for your horses or a complete facility with tack & feed storage. GoBob has a horse shelter to meet your needs. All our buildings are HEAVY DUTY steel building that will last a lifetime but are still portable. They are delivered assembled and ready to use, just the way you ordered them. 


This is a 12 x 36 with a 12 x 12 tack room in the center. We also build 6 x 12 and 9 x 12 tack rooms.

They can be mounted in the center or in either end of the building. 


Same building as above showing some more detail on the right side stall. Looking at this picture from top to bottom, notice that the ends of the steel tubing are sealed to prevent insect nests. Also notice the top edge of the plywood has steel angle iron covering it to prevent cribbing. This particular shed has seven bar gates, which are six feet high. 


This picture illustrates the steel tubing skids with chain loops that are standard on all of our livestock shelters.  


You may choose any of the 19 color choices shown here at no additional charge. You may select up to two colors per building. You may want one color for the trim and another color for the walls. Camouflage and log siding can be installed at an additional charge.

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